Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mandy Steward: Secret Messages

I was lucky enough to win what seemed to be a tailor-made contest just for me. Mandy Steward was kindly offering a custom secret message on Rain's blog and I remember crossing my fingers for an extra long time, hoping I might win this. You see, Mandy creates beautiful, meaningful art pieces with the most eloquent words you ever did read. I asked Mandy to help inspire me using the idea of Having Bold Faith In My Path...I received this secret message and I was in awe, speechless and, admittedly, quite emotional when I opened my very special gift. 

Isn't it just wonderful?

You might recognize Mandy as one of the faces of The Art Journaler. The other lovely one is Teresa. Together they are creating a lovely community of art journalers across the globe and you can join!

You can get your own messy canvas made by Mandy here

Thank you, Mandy, and thank you, Rain.

I'm one lucky gal.

***In case you were wondering, I will be framing this art piece and hanging it in my new home. We picked up our keys yesterday and moved many of our fragile framed art pieces, stained glass windows and salt lamps. They are now safely awaiting our arrival in our new apartment--our new home. It feels right and I feel happy. My heart is full.***


  1. this makes me SO happy. <3

  2. breath taking.
    my life has been changed by mandy & teresa.
    what powerful, poetic words!! <3

    1. Oh, my. That is wonderful to hear! I am going to look even more into what they do over at the Art Journaler. It sounds like a fantastic community.

  3. how awesome! I love positive words and affirmation, what a beautiful thing to win!

    1. Isn't it? It feels so personal and meaningful. I want to buy one for everyone I love. <3


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